Hi, we’re Abby, Michele & Stuart

We were determined to have a family, and after several unsuccessful infertility treatments we decided adoption was the way for us. With great joy, we adopted our daughter, Abby three years ago, and now we’re eager to bring another little one into our family.

We care about your concerns and will fully support your feelings as you get to know us. We hope to create a trusting relationship with the birth parents who select us.

If you choose to place your baby with us, we promise that he or she will grow up knowing yours was a loving choice. We’ll see that your baby will get all the support he or she needs to do well in school while getting plenty of play and exploration time, and ultimately attend college. 

He or she will make friends with other young children through relatives and friends and will learn responsibility from a young age, yet will enjoy the outdoors, and ski with cousins in Colorado, and swim with friends in the Adirondack Mountains in the summer. We’ll encourage your baby to pursue whatever interests him or her.

Thank you for being open to our story. We look forward to meeting you and wish you a very bright future.